Homeopathic medicine for emotional issues

The capacity to feel makes it possible for us to really engage and experience life. Positive emotions are life affirming. We learn how great that feels and we also learn when to think things through soberly; or do we? From my experience, emotional instability is common to the human condition. Learning how to balance emotion with rational thought is a goal it behoves us all to reach for.

Emotional anguish from hurtful words/fears of being judged as not measuring up

More important than anything for these issues is a bolstering of the first 3 chakras. The root chakra reflects how secure we feel both emotionally and otherwise including how secure we feel about our place in the World. The sacral chakra is our sexual/reproductive centre and so is our identity as women or men and our sense of self-worth. Some of the issues here are: do we feel attractive? Attractive/good enough to attract the kind of partner we want….and then capable to build and grow the connection while retaining a stable sense of self? Do we feel we need to hide certain aspects of ourselves? These are the kinds of negative feelings that can get physically internalised eating away at us over time and can contribute to serious health conditions. And if we’re not careful we can find that we allow ourselves to be used or abused in other ways, in an attempt to avoid rejection. The solar plexus holds our sense of personal power as well as our will and drive to effect change for our good – even against the status quo if necessary. So you can see how if these areas are “fit” and strong, we’re able to deal with life’s curve balls without too much suffering in the process. We have to learn to be prepared to let someone go from our lives if at best they don’t value who we are or worse are consistently abusive.


An unavoidable and inconsolable sadness that must be attended to and healed to prevent a state of ongoing wounded stagnation that can also morph into serious health problems and will blight future relationships. Whether this relates to the death of a precious person or pet, or due to the irrevocable breakdown of a relationship, allowing the emotions that bubble up to be honoured as valid, is an essential part of the healing process. As is the ability to accept the ending, put the grief down, engage with life and be happy again; though we don’t forget those we lost or what they meant to us..

Improving emotional resilience

Becoming aware of how to assert ourselves correctly by learning to articulate feelings intelligently is super important. Finding ways to acknowledge another’s viewpoint respectfully while also being clear about what we stand for, without fear of reprisal is as important. We have many different relationships in our lives and all of them work best if there’s a foundation of mutual respect. It isn’t necessarily easy to get to this point but standing up for ourselves calmly and putting self respect first sends the right message. We’re here to evolve, grow and heal. When we gain a wider perspective of who we are as individuals, its easier to leave behind hurt or blame and find happiness and pride in who we are. When people perceive that change in us they respond In positive ways. And where that doesn’t happen we can choose not to be around certain people.

So how can homeopathic medicine help?

Firstly, the remedies support and they calm and this is felt in a tangible way; we feel better. Homeopathic medicine helps to retune the vibrational frequencies of the chakras and shines a light on the parts of us that have not fully developed or wounds that have never truly healed, prompting and supporting a confidence to address those things; the inner work. An altered perspective alters our consciousness too and can bring about a state of transmutation. A homeopath can prescribe a “first aid” remedy but to address a person’s underlying needs, the case needs to be taken and thoroughly analysed to get a 360 degree view. The aim is to assist you to a place of strength, stability, peace and overall wellbeing. Whether your ailment is emotional or physical, homeopathic medicine can help you.