My back story

I discovered homeopathy about 20 years ago when worried about my baby son’s health which had been going down the tubes following vaccinations, a homeopath was recommended to me by one of the other mum’s at my local baby/toddler group nearby to where I was living in London. I went to see her and from there my interest grew out of the improvements in my son’s health that I very quickly began to see.

I went on to study homeopathy for 4 years before qualifying.  A spiritual outlook is central to who I am although I’m also very grounded and analytical in the way that I work.


Discovering homeopathy changed my son’s life and with the support of homeopathic medicine he grew into a robust young man. Homeopathic medicine continues to support good health for him and helps to evolve his personal development. And the same is true for me. Although I accept it’s not for everyone, extending that opportunity to other people is something that I feel passionate about. We are holistic beings. We are also individuals. Used alongside other wellness choices, homeopathic medicine brings about life-changing results.