My ultimate aim for treating people with homeopathic medicine

My ultimate aim for treating people with homeopathic medicine is to help people fundamentally change their health, as I’ve been able to change mine. I treat the condition while also helping the patient connect on a personal level with their health issue or disease, and the implications. My approach is not to fight ill health – which in my view is a nonsense since you’d be fighting yourself. What is helpful is understanding your health issue, owning it as yours and coming to terms with how it has been possible for it develop – joining the dots for the cause or causes – this is especially helpful for treatment of tumours. Gentle but permanent changes in perspective, consciousness, understanding – these changes alter us at a molecular level. And then it becomes possible on an individual basis, for the healing to go deeper, to repair, regenerate and transmute ill health.

The importance of good nutrition is something I also take extremely seriously and I will offer recommendations for supporting an increase in good health by including quality, bio available food supplements for optimum levels of micro nutrients. These are supplements that I can personally vouch for. Why are these so important? Because not all of us are able to have the advantage of an organic diet. Vegetables and grains grown on inorganic soil have low nutrient values because of the chemical treatments the soil is subjected to. Inorganic meat has lower nutritional values compared with organic meat due to less natural/lower quality feeds, use of antibiotics, hormones and generally the lower animal husbandry that comes with intensive farming.