“I had never encountered an alternative form of medical treatment. Aside from your standard doctors prescribed pills, I had always been unsure about the use of alternative medicine thinking the long term affects might damage  internal organs but one day I received an injury, one so severe that the treatment required something highly potent and effective to prevent my face from becoming permanently disfigured, the high concern from a close friend led him to feel compelled to find another solution and that’s when he referred me to Isabel and I experienced homeopathic treatment . After just a few days of taking the prescribed pills I saw a dramatic change in the way my face was healing which in turn had me feeling mentally healthier again as I knew I had hope in making a full recovery. I don’t know what I would have done without the help of my friend that day, I feel sure my face would have been damaged for life.  Maybe everyone needs that kind of friend that can lead them to this form of rapid treatment in order to stay healthier for life.”

Zak Parlak, July 2018

“I tore a muscle badly on the inside of the upper left side of my leg – the groin area. It was extremely sore and within 2 days I had significant bruising almost to the knee. Walking was extremely difficult and painful.  Isabel prescribed me some medication for 7 days from which I experienced tremendous pain relief. Since there was still some pain she followed up with a repeat prescription for another 7 days after which Isabel recommended we stop and wait to evaluate further progress. The results were outstanding: the bruising and swelling completely cleared, along with the pain. Within 4 weeks I was back to running, swimming and full movement without pain. Thank you!!”

Mark Lillie, August 2018