The consultation and costs – for chronic and acute conditions including First Aid

When  we sit down together I will ask you some questions about your health and medical history as well as any information you can give me on the health of your parents etc. The process is a relaxed one and takes between 60 and 90 minutes. The notes I take will enable me to study your case thoroughly with a view to analysing your needs. I will then post the medicine to you with instructions on how to take it. I will also include the key notes of the medicine to help you with your inner reflections; this is an important part of the treatment. After 2 weeks of completing the medicinal dose, I would like to see you again to note your progress and discuss what my recommended next step would be. The cost is £40 (payable at the initial consultation) – this includes the initial consultation and the 2 week follow up along with the medication.

If you wish to continue being treated by me, I would advise another 2 week breathing space for reflection after which we would meet again to discuss the next step. The cost will continue @ £40 and will still include the following 2 week catch up along with the medication.

First Aid treatments: e.g. sprains, breaks, shock, burns, grief etc.

Prescriptions for acute conditions like these take up less of my time and so the cost is £20 including a week’s follow up on progress along with any further medication. After that if you agree that you would be further helped by more treatment, I would charge another £20 following the same pattern until you feel recovered and well.