The consultation and costs – for chronic and acute conditions including First Aid

When  we sit down together I will ask you some questions about your health and medical history as well as any information you can give me on the health of your parents etc. The process is a relaxed one and takes between 60 and 90 minutes. The notes I take will enable me to study your case thoroughly with a view to analysing your needs. I will then post the medicine to you with instructions on how to take it along with the key notes. After 2 weeks of completing the medicinal dose, I would like to see you again to review your progress and discuss what my recommended next step would be. The cost is £25 (payable on the day) – this includes the initial consultation and the 2 week follow up meeting + medication. If you wish to continue being treated by me, I would advise a continuation of the process  above.  There is no cost involved for a  concluding ‘no further action’ meeting.

First Aid treatments: e.g. sprains, breaks, shock, burns, grief etc.
For acute conditions like these, the cost is £12.50 including a half to one weekly follow up on progress along with any further medication if needed. After that if you agree that you would be helped by more treatment, I would charge another £12.50 including a weekly to 2 weekly check up until you feel recovered.

Good nutrition is also something that I value highly and I will offer recommendations for supporting an increase in good health by including quality, bio-available food supplements for optimum levels of micro nutrients.  These are supplements that I can personally vouch for. Why are these so important? Because not all of us are able to have the advantage of an organic diet. Vegetables and grains grown on inorganic soil have lower nutrient value because of the chemical treatments the soil is subjected to. Similarly, non-organic meat has lower nutritional value compared with organic meat due to less natural feed, the use of antibiotics, artificial hormones and generally lower animal husbandry that goes with intensive farming.

For new clients the first appointment and prescription are free.